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Is Colorado Ready to Talk About the Role of Racism in Health Equity?

August 1, 2016

Is Colorado ready to talk about the role of racism in health equity? This is one of the questions grantees raised and discussed at the end of the 2015 Health Equity Learning Series (HELS). To better understand the answer, and explore perceptions of racism and its role in preventing health equity in their communities, the 22 Colorado Trust grantees were interviewed by project evaluator Melanie Tran of the University of Colorado Denver.

If You Build It Will They Come? Lessons from Project Health Colorado and Building Public Will to Achieve Access to Health

April 1, 2015

This report discusses the findings from the evaluation of Project Health Colorado (PHC), The Colorado Trust's (The Trust) three-year strategy aimed at building public will to achieve access to health for all Coloradans. Through a blend of community-based strategies, including advocacy, leadership, networkbuilding and grassroots mobilizing, as well as an overarching communications campaign, PHC was designed to engage individuals and organizations in a statewide discussion about access to health and how it can be improved. The strategy was supported by a $7.6 million grant from The Trust and $2 million from the Colorado Health Foundation

From Paper to Practice: Key Lessons for Foundations Deploying Complex Strategies

March 1, 2015

As the philanthropic field continues to explore ways to increase impact and improve outcomes, more attention has focused on models that prioritize supporting grantee cohorts and collaborative efforts with shared intent over individual grantees and isolated projects. Public policy grantmaking, field-building, collective impact and public willbuilding all offer ready examples of these kinds of complex models and approaches.While each of these models and approaches has their own nuances, they have many commonalities in how they are planned and implemented. This report explores those commonalities through the lens of one foundation's experience in implementing a complex, multi-year public will-building strategy, and what that experience suggests be in place for effective implementation. The findings highlighted in this report are specifically intended for staff of foundations and other organizations interested in learning about the deployment of strategies that rely on building a cohort of established organizations to pursue a shared intent. 

The Colorado Trust's Advocacy Funding Strategy: Lessons Learned for Funders of Advocacy Efforts & Evaluations

May 29, 2012

Describes the trust's framework for change through advocacy funding, including theory of change, strategic learning loop through grantee-evaluator interaction, preconditions for funding, and benchmarks for measuring success. Lists grantees' achievements.

The Affordability of Health Insurance in Colorado

February 29, 2012

Presents findings from the 2011 Colorado Health Access Survey about the reasons for uninsurance, including the unaffordability of premiums; demographics, out-of-pocket expenses, health status, and access to care of the uninsured; and policy implications.

Closing the Gap: How Improving Information Flow Can Help Community-Based Organizations Keep Uninsured Kids From Falling Through the Cracks

January 31, 2012

Evaluates how community-based organizations used a tool for systematic, ongoing data exchange with the state to monitor children's enrollment and redetermination status in public health insurance. Explores its potential to boost outreach and enrollment.

Overview of Coloradans' Health Care Coverage, Access and Utilization 2011

November 11, 2011

Presents findings from the 2011 Colorado Health Access Survey about trends in healthcare access and insurance coverage by demographics and type of coverage. Examines reasons for uninsurance, Coloradans' views of the health system, and policy implications.

Integrating Immigrants in Colorado: Accomplishments, Challenges and Lessons Learned

October 21, 2011

Presents findings from an evaluation of the Supporting Immigrant and Refugee Families initiative, including grantees' strategies, activities, and accomplishments; conditions and factors that affected their work; sustainability; and lessons learned.

Colorado Trust 2010 Annual Report

May 19, 2011

Contains mission statement, message from the board chair and the president, program information, twenty-fifth anniversary grantee profiles, grant guidelines, 2010 grantees list, financial statements, and lists of board members and staff.

The Economic Impact of Health Reform in Colorado

February 23, 2011

Estimates the costs and benefits of the Colorado Blue Ribbon Commission's health reform proposal. Outlines the economic implications of rising healthcare costs and potential for reform to stimulate the economy, improve quality of care, and lower costs.

The Effectiveness of Boosting Public Health Insurance Enrollment Through Community Events

November 30, 2010

Examines the effectiveness of outreach efforts at festivals and other community events to enroll children in Family Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program Plus. Includes case summaries. Suggests venues and factors that garner more applications.

Addressing Colorado's Primary Care Provider Shortage -- 2011 Public Policy Agenda

November 30, 2010

Projects shortages of physicians, physician assistants, and advance practice nurses as well as dental and behavioral health providers and likely impact on state. Policy recommendations for 2011 include more funding for health profession education.