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Money Left on the Table: An Analysis of Pell Grant Receipt Among Financially Eligible Community College Students in California

April 1, 2018

This brief focuses on CCC (California community college) students who, on the basis of financial need and enrolled credits, appear to be eligible for Pell Grant aid. Although these results are only directly applicable to California community college students, much of the postFAFSA paperwork students must complete reflects federal policies, and the patterns we document may be found in community colleges in other states and possibly in fouryear universities as well. Moreover, California community colleges comprise the largest system of higher education in the nation, and serve large numbers of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, making the findings highly significant in their own right.

College Bound Brotherhood: A Regional Movement to Increase College Opportunity and Success for Black Male Youth

November 1, 2017

The College Bound Brotherhood seeks to promote college knowledge, preparation, access and success for African-American male students in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2013, the Marcus Foster Education Institute (MFEI), the fiscal and initiative intermediary, has supported secondary and nonprofit partners to work together to advocate for and promote change at three levels—student, setting, and systems. MFEI has conducted this work with funding from the Kapor Center for Social Impact (Kapor Center) and the College Futures Foundation (CFF).Using a collective impact approach, the initiative seeks to change the "water" in which the "fish" swim—altering the context in which students interact and must navigate to promote a college going culture and providing a clean, fortified, and supportive environment that ensures postsecondary education for Black male youth. This report summarizes findings from a formative and summative evaluation of the initiative's progress to date. Document review, interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders—district, nonprofits, students and their families—along with outcome data provided by MFEI provide the information highlighted in this document.

Hear My Voice: Strengthening the College Pipeline for Young Men of Color in California

June 1, 2017

This brief reviews current data and literature to understand how young men of color are faring around postsecondary preparation and success in California. We share stories from a sample of institutions— including our conversations with young men of color—to understand what practices can help young men of color succeed, and we provide recommendations for California practitioners and policymakers to ensure our P-12 and higher education systems are set up for young men of color to thrive on the path to and through college. We urge practitioners and policymakers to ensure young men of color have the supports all students need to be successful in college in addition to differentiated supports that can help young men of color overcome the additional hurdles they often confront above and beyond what most other students face.