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Otis College Report on the Creative Economy (2023)

February 10, 2023

The Otis College Report on the Creative Economy, commissioned annually by Otis College of Art and Design since 2007 focuses on the ways in which California's creative industries form an essential part of its overall economy. The report highlights five creative industries and eight regional snapshots with a spotlight on Los Angeles. The Otis College Report is an invaluable tool to assess the tremendous impact and influence of the creative sector on the state and regional economy.

Benefits in Arts Nonprofit Organizations in LA County

January 15, 2015

In 2011, arts nonprofits in LA County invested $63.3 million in health, retirement and other benefits for their employees. Even as the Great Recession cut revenues for many nonprofit organizations, and the cost of health care premiums rose, nonprofit arts organizations in LA County maintained their commitment to those benefits. This study finds arts nonprofits in LA County may be more likely than employers in other sectors to provide health benefits to their employees. The data analyzed here show that 53 percent of LA County arts nonprofits with fewer than 50 employees pay some portion of their employees' health care, compared to 39 percent of all small employers in California and 35 percent of all small employers nationally. All arts nonprofits with 50 or more employees in LA County invested in health benefits for their employees, comparing favorably with the statewide figure of 95 percent among all employers that size. As the total dollar amount LA County arts nonprofits spent on health insurance rose 58 percent from 2007 to 2011, the share of organizations providing this benefit fell by seven percent. Among a subset of these organizations for which we have all five years of data, their spending on health benefits increased by nearly 65 percent per full time employee in that time period.The trend is very different for retirement benefits. Only 21 percent of arts nonprofits with paid employees offered them retirement benefits in 2011, well below the rate of 63 percent among all nonprofits in southern and central California. However, the share of arts nonprofits providing retirement benefits rose between 2007 and 2011, while that figure fell for all nonprofits in the region.

A Proposed National Standard Taxonomy for Reporting Data on Support for Individual Artists

September 11, 2014

This report examines the lack of sector-wide data on artist support for individual artists, the lack of a common taxonomy to explain the different forms of artist support, and the lack of benchmark data to track artist support over time. Recognizing that this is a complex picture and that support comes in many forms and from diverse sources, Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA) has developed a taxonomy that permits comprehensive, systematic tracking of support to individual artists. This collaborative effort complements GIA's longstanding work in benchmarking arts funding overall and will give arts funders and service providers a better understanding of the ecology of artist support, thereby allowing them to improve and expand overall support for individual artists of all creative disciplines.

Salaries in Nonprofit Arts Organizations in LA County

May 1, 2014

Analyzing data from the Cultural Data Project, we found that nonprofit arts organizations in Los Angeles County paid some $266.6 million in salaries to the equivalent of 4,650 full time employees in 2011. The average salary for a full time employee in a nonprofit arts organization was $57,345, up from $51,046 in 2007. By comparison, annual per capita income in LA County in the same time period was $27,900. Arts nonprofit salaries per full-time equivalent are higher in LA County than in California as a whole, but a larger share of arts nonprofits statewide have paid staff.

2011 Otis Report on the Creative Economy Report of the Los Angeles Region

November 9, 2011

Examines the combined economic impact of the arts, design, and entertainment industries in Los Angeles and Orange counties, including trends in employment, salaries, revenues, and nonprofit arts groups. Offers projections for 2015 and industry snapshots.

2010 Otis Report on the Creative Economy of the Los Angeles Region

November 11, 2010

Examines the combined economic impact of the arts, design, and entertainment industries in Los Angeles and Orange counties, including trends in employment, revenues, taxes, and nonprofit institutions. Provides industry snapshots and projections for 2014.