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Power, Persistence and Partnerships for the Global Goals: Insights and Recommendations from the Goalkeepers Youth Action Accelerator

October 7, 2019

The Goalkeepers Youth Action Accelerator is a youth-led and multi-partner global programme dedicated to accelerating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It brings together a pioneering and truly inspiring generation of 26 young and diverse leaders to address the world's major challenges. These leaders create impact by sharing powerful stories, analysing data, forming robust partnerships and ultimately holding governments accountable for their SDG promises.This brief shares key outcomes, reflections and recommendations from the young people who have taken part in the Youth Action Accelerator programme. It suggests ways of ensuring strengthened and more meaningful youth engagement across partnerships, policies and programmes, specifically in the areas of resourcing, health, climate change and technology.

Shifting Power And Resources To Grassroots Movements: Findings from consultations with activists and funders, July 2019

July 1, 2019

The question of how grassroots groups and activists based in the global south can mobilise adequate support to overcome the growing ecological, social, political and economic challenges they face and achieve positive change is a serious one that requires our attention. These groups face significant challenges in accessing key resources (financial and otherwise) to sustain their work.CIVICUS embarked on a consultation process to identify, in a participatory way, possible mechanisms that would increase the scale and quality of resources, both international and domestic, for groups and movements. Over the course of five months, we have had the privilege to learn from activists, organisers, young leaders and progressive funders from around the world about resourcing challenges, and to sense-check solutions and co-create scenarios based on lived experiences, bold ideas and deep understanding of social problems.This consultation is an attempt to move conversations forward at a practical level, exploring options that, pulled together, could help start a radical transformation in the range and quality of resources accessible to grassroots groups. As well as sense-checking the relevance, appeal and feasibility of emerging concepts, the process itself has been significant. These early explorations have directly engaged the groups that we seek to better resource, including a cross-section of grassroots activists, the financial arms of social movements and other strategic partners.

Best practices in youth engagement with intergovernmental organisations: a case study from the Rio+20 process

January 1, 2015

The emergence of youth issues on the international agenda is closely related to the emergence of sustainable development, to the extent that it could be said that a concern with young people is at the core of sustainable development. On one hand, the term sustainable development introduced the concept of future generations, which can be interpreted both as generations to come and the current generation of young people,1 and on the other hand, through sustainable development processes, youth and youth issues came into the focus of decision-makers.2 Stability and sustainable development cannot be achieved without taking into account the voices of young people and without addressing fundamental aspects of their wellbeing. The aim of this contribution is therefore to present the challenges and good practices in the engagement of youth with intergovernmental organisations (IGOs), particularly the United Nations (UN), through analysis of the Rio+20 process and to provide broader recommendations for improving global governance. Although the recommendations for engaging with youth are aimed at IGOs, they are equally applicable to CSOs.