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Gates Cambridge Trust Annual Report 2022

May 3, 2023

This Gates Cambridge Trust annual report includes a summary of the Trust's work during the year and the impact of our scholars and alumni in Cambridge and across the world as well as the Trust's financial report.You can also read community news about our scholars and alumni, our impact in numbers and there are four case studies of scholars and alumni – Marie Brunet, Stijn de Schepper, Alaa Hajyahia and Anoop Tripathi.

Transforming Communities One Grant at a Time: Impact Report 2023

May 3, 2023

This report features stories of our communities coming together to address needs. Donors with similar passions have co-invested to support important programs and projects. Organizations have found new, meaningful ways to collaborate. And funders are taking risks and encouraging grantees to experiment with new approaches to solving long-standing challenges.

An Exciting Time of Transition: 2022 Annual Report

May 2, 2023

The Annual Report you are about to read recaps the year that was 2022, and our team stepped up in remarkable ways - working together to emerge from a global pandemic, raising more than $75 million and making $84 million in grants to approximately 2,400 nonprofit organizations. We remain ranked among the nation's 20 largest community foundations by asset size, and in a year when the S&P 500 was down 18.1 percent, our endowment return was down only 10.6 percent, which ranked in the top quartile of endowments nationwide.Most importantly, in 2022, we were laser focused on ways to aid Rhode Islanders who have been historically marginalized, and those struggling to make ends meet - by battling inequity, hunger, surging housing prices, educational gaps, behavioral health challenges, economic insecurity, and more, through our grantmaking and civic leadership efforts.The year 2022 also launched the Foundation into an exciting time of transition. While our dedicated staff, under the inspired leadership of Neil Steinberg, stayed focused on fundraising and grantmaking, the Board of Directors took on the search for the Foundation's next President and CEO. After a thoughtful, thorough national search that included significant community input, our next President and CEO, David Cicilline, was unanimously appointed.Times of transition can be both exciting and challenging. Committed to continuity, we are stewards of a 107-year-old legacy of generosity and impact. We have flourished though more than one global pandemic, economic ups and downs, war times, and times of peace and prosperity, a continuous source of hope and a community resource. We will continue to be so.We are humbled by the generosity of our donors and the incredible dedication of our nonprofit partners, and we know you will feel the same as you read through these pages.

Democracy Depends On All of Us: Annual Report 2022

April 25, 2023

In 2022 election deniers lost. But the fight goes on.The forces of American democracy rallied in 2022. For years we saw the rising authoritarian movement, rooted in white supremacy, that threatened our basic values, part of a conflict with increasingly visible global dimensions. Now there is a democracy movement to counter it — strong, wide, diverse, and growing. In this great effort, the Brennan Center plays a singular, central role.

Perspectives for Brazilian Philanthropy 2023

April 13, 2023

n its second edition, the publication Perspectives for Brazilian Philanthropy by IDIS – Institute for Development of Social Investment presents the current scenario, identifies inspiring actions, and points out ways for a more strategic and transformative private social investment, bringing together elements that contribute to decision making. At the background, resonances of the preview's year, marked by polarized elections and the need for organizations and entities to come out publicly and demonstrate their commitment to democracy, in apparent check. Also, the worrying return of Brazil to the UN Hunger Map, the serious situation of indigenous peoples in the Brazilian Amazon, in addition to the record levels of deforestation.There are eight perspectives that has 'boldness' as a common element, reflecting and showing practical examples on how philanthropists and social investors can act in a strategic, effective, and agile way. 

AI Now Institute 2023 Landscape: Confronting Tech Power

April 11, 2023

This report highlights a set of approaches that, in concert, will collectively enable us to confront tech power. Some of these are bold policy reforms that underscore the need for bright-line rules and structural curbs. Others identify popular policy responses that, because they fail to meaningfully address power discrepancies, should be abandoned. Several aren't in the traditional domain of policy at all, but acknowledge the importance of nonregulatory interventions such as collective action, worker organizing, and the role public policy can play in bolstering these efforts. We intend this report to provide strategic guidance to inform the work ahead of us, taking a bird's eye view of the many levers we can use to shape the future trajectory of AI – and the tech industry behind it – to ensure that it is the public, not industry, that this technology serves.

2022 Report Zagoriy Foundation

March 21, 2023

2022 was a turning point not only for Ukraine, but also for the world. The entire planet came to realize just how fragile security and peace are. At the same time, we have understood that we are building an ideal world with our own hands. it cannot come into existence on its own. Daily we fight for our decent future and happy life. We are surely witnessing social change that wields an undeniable influence on our lives. Changes in charity have probably struck us the most. The Ukrainian non-commercial sector has made a quantum leap in its development, with its period of activity still continuing. International community is also undergoing changes. First of all, its focus is being shifted, while the allocation of resources is changing as well as the realization of the potential of the countries, which will be leaders in future, is dawning. We continue to develop the culture of charity in Ukraine, while also implementing modern projects and developing the non-commercial sector for further growth. Our goal is to engage in sustainable and long-term work. The previous year has shown that our life can be full of worries. However, we have to remain strong and demonstrate our resilience and dedication to our own convictions. This is exactly what will define our future. Let us continue moving and believing in our strength. Let us create Great Stories together!

We Believe: 2022 Cambridge Community Foundation Annual Report

March 16, 2023

At the Cambridge Community Foundation, we interact every day with people from vastly different backgrounds who are united in their commitment to dignity and who take action, creating ripples of positive change all around them in our city, our neighborhoods, our backyards.Our 2022 annual report elevates some of these solution-seekers and the values that guide them—values the Foundation shares. Their stories remind us that place matters. And people matter. It's the people in this city who think beyond problems to possibilities, build opportunity from hope, create transformation through purpose.The Foundation is behind the people of Cambridge. Through our shared work, we are shaping the foundation for our future—one person, one story at a time.

Black Women in the United States & Key States, 2023: BWR Annual Report

March 15, 2023

It's Time to Reset, Rejuvenate, and Reimagine Our Power to Resist, Act & Win! is the theme of the Black Women's Roundtable's (BWR) 10th Annual Black Women in the US and Key States, 2023 Report. This year's report continues BWR's series, which provides in-depth analyses and insights that highlight the needs and conditions of Black women throughout the nation. This report also provides policy-centered recommendations and direction on how to improve the overall well-being of Black women and families across a wide array of issues.This report shares the vision, voices, wisdom, and uniquely distinct experiences and perspectives of Black women.

Caring for Colorado Foundation 2022 Annual Report

March 15, 2023

Caring for Colorado works with communities to catalyze and accelerate change to improve the lives and health of Colorado's children, youth and families. We are a grantmaking foundation, created in 1999 from the proceeds of the sale of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado.We are happy to report the results of Caring for Colorado's work to create equity in health, well-being, and opportunity for Colorado's children and families.In 2022 we continued our work to increase access to the COVID-19 vaccine in communities disproportionally impacted by the virus, significantly increased our investments in social and emotional services and support within schools, and designed new funding opportunities to advance reproductive health equity.Our commitment to respond to community health needs resulted in giving 254 grants totaling $17.4 million to 206 nonprofits throughout Colorado to advance our long-term vision of making Colorado the best place for kids to grow up.

Gender Issues in Fundraising - Phase 2: A blueprint for dismantling patriarchal structures in the fundraising profession

March 7, 2023

Gender in fundraising is an issue that had been simmering for many years before the MeToo movement and the scandals of the Presidents Club fundraising dinner and Oxfam's safeguarding failures caused it to boil over. Recently research in the USA revealed that something like 25 per cent of female fundraisers have been subjected to sexually inappropriate behaviour.Naturally there are calls for the both the fundraising profession and the charity sector more widely to tackle this issue, and initiatives have been set up in the USA and UK. Rogare is contributing to these challenges with the aim to ensure any solutions are grounded in the relevant theory and evidence that already exist. This project has three phases: Phase 1 – build the knowledge base that underpins this issue to better inform debate and discussions and as a result to also better inform any interventions we make as a profession (Phase 1 project leader – Caoileann Appleby). We completed this in 2020).Phase 2 – building on the issues identified and ideas collated under Phase 1, construct a Blueprint – based on Lean Out Feminism – to dismantle patriarchal structures in the fundraising profession (Phase 2 project leader – Heather Hill). The Blueprint was published in March 2023. One of our key recommendations is a code of conduct for donors.Phase 3 – starting in 2023, this phase will look at how to implement and/or adapt the Blueprint, and explore any other challenges and issues that arise as we take this forward. A key part of Phase 3 was how we build the narrative to engage more male/men allies.

Candid Annual Report 2022: Steering towards impact

March 1, 2023

2022 was a year of learning and growing for . We focused on creating the foundation for our path forward as an integrated organization and fulfilling our bold aspirations for Candid 2030. Our 2022 annual report, Steering towards impact, centers on the work being done to get you the information you need to do good as we navigate the evolving needs of our sector.