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Honoring Indigenous Knowledge: First Nations Annual Report 2020

December 22, 2021

First Nations recognizes that accessing healthy food is a challenge for many Native American children and families. Without access to healthy food, a nutritious diet and good health are outof reach. To increase access to healthy food, we support tribes and Native communities as they build sustainable food systems that improve health, strengthen food security and economies, increase control over Native agriculture and food systems, and promote Native food sovereignty.

First Nations Annual Report 2020

December 22, 2021

The year 2020 is not one that will be forgotten.On the 40th Anniversary year of First NationsDevelopment Institute, the world experienceda deadly pandemic and the aftershocks thatcontinue to plague communities locally andglobally.

Building Public Health Capacity to Advance Equity: A National Environmental Scan of Tribal, State, and Local Governmental Public Health

January 1, 2019

Building Public Health Capacity to Advance Equity is an environmental scan funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) to explore governmental public health's role in advancing health equity with racial equity as a major priority and community engagement as a central strategy. The project team consisted of ten partner organizations collaborating to examine the federal landscape and the capacity of local, state, and Tribal health agencies to play a role in promoting equity. Through literature reviews, in-depth interviews and focus groups with health officials,public health experts, and community leaders across the country, we have identified a variety of opportunities for governmental public health to advance equity. Public health can support and lead change efforts by partnering acrossand within departments, creating and leveraging opportunities for community input, buy-in, and collaboration, and aligning the work of public health with broader social movements and other community efforts to build transformational partnerships that restructure power dynamics and build political will for racial and health equity.

Pathways on a Language Landscape: A Planning Guide for Native Language Revitalization

March 16, 2018

Pathways on a Language Landscape maps out nine pathways, or language revitalization practices, to supportNative communities in developing Native-led language and cultural revitalization programs. By exercising self-determination and Native Nation building, we envision Tribal Nations creating supportive and thriving language learning environments in which Native children live and fourish at the horizon, and speak, think, pray, and embody their languages each and every day.

The Tulalip Tribal Rights Employment Office Tulalip Vocational Training Center A Two Generation Pre-Apprenticeship Program Planning and Replication Guide

December 1, 2017

This guide is for tribal members across the nation who want to learn more about how the Tulalip Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) Vocational Training Center (TVTC) works; and the actions needed to implement a similar two- pre-apprenticeship program. Though focused on construction trades training the TVTC model is applicable to other types of training programs.This guide is also intended to serve as a planning tool to help tribes decide if they want to offer or design a similar program. Tribes who complete this tool and need technical assistance to pursue next steps are invited to contact our office. The last page of the guide includes our contact information and a sampling of key areas in which we have developed resources.The topics included in this guide were directly informed by lessons learned through the Kellogg funded grant, as well as our sixteen years operating pre-apprenticeship programs.