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Big Gifts for Little Learners: Making the Case for Philanthropic Investment From Pregnancy Through Preschool

March 21, 2022

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the wealthiest counties and most generous donors in the country. But how do those individuals choose where to spend their philanthropic dollars?In our 2021 survey of Bay Area donors, which included both affluent individuals and foundations, 40% of respondents said that when considering causes or groups to give to, demonstrated impact would lead them to choose one cause or group over others.In some ways it is surprising, then, that only 15% of donors said they give to early care and learning -- an area with robust research demonstrating positive impact on the children supported (including permanent increases in children's IQ and better health outcomes) as well as on their families and the broader community (e.g., gains in maternal workforce participation).

Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund

August 22, 2015

One year ago today, we were deeply shaken by a powerful earthquake. Hundreds of homes and businesses were damaged in the largest seismic event the Bay Area has seen since the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, mostly in and around the City of Napa. More than 250 people were injured; almost 20 were admitted to the hospital; and one person regrettably lost her life as a result of the 6.0 temblor.In the following pages, you can read about what's been accomplished so far, and how we've spent the monies entrusted to us. You can also learn about our plans for a final phase of grants, covering two broad categories: funding to help qualified homeowners make earthquake-related repairs if their dwellings remain unsafe; and funding to make the community at large more resilient in the event of a future disaster.Finally, we have included a brief reflection on what worked well, and what could be better next time. In this area especially, we welcome your comments, ideas and constructive feedback.