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Altgeld-Riverdale Consortium: Outcome Findings

March 1, 2015

Since 2013, IMPACT has been working with the Altgeld-Riverdale Consortium (ARC) to evaluate their impact on safety in the community. The ARC consists of a variety of community partners -- nonprofits, schools, service providers, and local leaders -- whose collective goals include improving and strengthening community safety, creating vehicles for consistent communication, and increasing utilization of community resources. In 2014, IMPACT documented the collaborative work and key accomplishments of the ARC in the Altgeld-Riverdale Consortium: Evaluation Findings report. In the second chapter of the evaluation, Altgeld-Riverdale Consortium: Outcome Findings, IMPACT dives into local crime data to investigate the ARC's impact on community safety. Read the reports to find out what we learned!

Altgeld-Riverdale Consortium: Evaluation Findings

January 1, 2014

The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) received a 9-month grant from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority to support the further development of the Altgeld-Riverdale Consortium (ARC) in its efforts to improve safety in CHA's Altgeld Gardens and the surrounding Riverdale neighborhood in Chicago between January and September 2013.The Social IMPACT Research Center (IMPACT) at Heartland Alliance evaluated the group's efforts towards meeting the goals and objectives stated in the grant proposal.

Addressing Community Concerns: How Environmental Justice Relates to Land Use Planning and Zoning

July 16, 2003

Addressing Community Concerns: How Environmental Justice Relates to Land Use Planning and Zoning is the Panel's third report on environmental justice. It focuses on low-income and people-of-color communities because it is generally recognized that their residents are exposed to significantly greater environmental and public health hazards. The study examines the relationship of planning and zoning decisions in five localities across the nation where residents have raised environmental justice concerns: Huntington Park, California; Austin, Texas; Chester, Pennsylvania; Altgeld Gardens in Chicago, Illinois; and St. James Parish, LouisianaThe report will help local, state and federal officials to improve their understanding of how they can use local and state land use planning and zoning laws for solving current environmental justice problems and preventing them in the future.