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The Impact of Lakou Kajou on Educational Outcomes Among Haitian Children

February 1, 2021

Lakou Kajou is an educational media program produced in Port-au-Prince,Haiti. Targeted to pre-primary and early primary grade learners, the series presents core academic objectives (including literacy, numeracy and science), along with messages related to socio-emotional and physical wellbeing and transversal messages of gender equity, inclusion and cultural pride. Each of the series 15 episodes focuses on a different educational theme

Accountability Review in Haiti: Small-scale urban farming in Port-au-Prince

December 4, 2014

This accountability review is presented as part of the Effectiveness Review Series 2013/14. The report documents the findings from a review carried out in February/March 2014 that examined the degree to which Oxfam meets its own standards for accountability.The project focused on small-scale urban farming in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and aimed to improve food security for vulnerable households in three urban districts in Carrefour Feuilles. Carrefour Feuilles is one of the most populated parts of the municipality of Port-au-Prince and was severely affected following the 2010 earthquake, which claimed many lives and destroyed revenue sources of most of its inhabitants. This assignment examined accountability to partners and communities in terms of transparency, feedback/listening, and participation - three key dimensions of Accountability for Oxfam. Where appropriate, it also asked questions around partnership practices, staff attitudes, and satisfaction (how useful the project is to people and how wisely the money on this project has been spent).Read more about the Oxfam Effectiveness Reviews.