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Lessons from Other Democracies: Ideas for Combatting Mistrust and Polarization in US Elections

June 15, 2023

Protections are baked into each stage of US election administration. Yet, there is a crisis of confidence in US elections. After falling to a record low following the 2020 elections, trust in US elections increased after the 2022 midterms. However, far too many Americans continue to harbor mistaken beliefs about the prevalence of widespread fraud and miscounted votes, as well as concerns about the ability of election officials to administer future elections fairly. Malign actors—both foreign and domestic—are taking advantage of and reinforcing these trends to serve their varied interests, including geopolitical advantage and monetary gain.Adopting best practices from other countries is an opportunity to buttress policies and procedures that make US elections free and fair and draw inspiration from others facing the same challenges. With its decentralized election system and state "laboratories of democracy", the United States is well suited for incremental, location-specific adaptation of new ideas.

Taking the Pulse of the European Foundation Sector : Moving from Proving Impact to Improving Impact

January 1, 2022

This report contains key insights, survey data and case studies from the first year of the European and Spanish Communities of Practice on Impact Measurement and Management (IMM), coordinated by the Esade Center for Social Impact with the support of BBK. These groups of foundation professionals from 15 countries have come together to increase the level of transparency, knowledge-sharing and exchange within the European foundation sector on this topic. Building on the transcribed discussions and surveys of approximately 40 European foundations, the authors have developed several learnings they hope will help the whole European foundation sector, as well as any other organizations that want to measure and manage their impact. In this perspective, the report also includes tables outlining what the different 'levels' of practice might be, so that the reader can understand what the impact management learning journey looks like at different stages (beginner, on the journey, and advanced).In addition to the present report, the following page provides links to the recording of the launch of the report as well as presentation slides: 

The Inbetweeners: Identifying And Quantifying The Unmet Mental Health Needs Of Children And Adolescents In Tallaght

December 1, 2019

Youth mental health is significant issue nationally as well as within South County Dublin. There is aperception amongst both service providers and parents that many children and young people are beingexposed to increasingly complex stressors and that the range of influences on their wellbeing are agrowing challenge. Whether this is the case or not, we do know that services are under pressure to respondeffectively, quickly and appropriately.This Report is the result of strong inter-agency working, bringing together statutory services with the community and voluntary sector, engaging with hospitals and community based providers, andoffering an opportunity for a number of disciplines and services to share their collective wisdom andinsights to better understand local dynamics. 

European Philanthropy at the Nexus of Disability and the SDGs

December 1, 2019

This publication, jointly elaborated by Fundación ONCE and the European Foundation Centre, focused on how the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals are serving as a framework for foundations to develop their action on disability inclusion. The publication includes key reflections on this topic as well as examples and testimonies of eleven relevant foundations from nine countries -France, UK, Italy, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, Turkey and Georgia. The publication has been developed in the framework of Disability Hub Europe, an initiative led by Fundación ONCE with the co-funding of the European Social Fund.

Prisoners Returning Home: Prisoners and Family Reintegration

August 1, 2019

The document specifically recognises the "stigma and life disruption experienced by many children and young people on the imprisonment of a parent." This report also presents compelling evidence that imprisonment can have pernicious effects on the ability of individuals to parent confidently.

Toolkit for Parental Engagement in Early Learning and Care Services

November 1, 2018

CDI's Toolkit for Parental Engagement in Early Learning and Care Services provides a practical resourcefor early learning and care practitioners, managers and organisations seeking to improve parentalengagement with a view to improving outcomes for children and families.

Quantifying Kindness, Public Engagement and Place

November 1, 2018

Quantifying kindness, public engagement and place presents findings from the first ever quantitative survey on kindness in communities and public services. The data reveals a reassuring and yet complex picture of kindness in the UK and Ireland, with generally high levels of kindness reported, but at the same time variations in experiences between jurisdictions and across social groups.The research also sheds light on how people describe the place they live in, revealing that two in five people in the UK self-identify as living in a town; and provides insights into people's sense of control over public services, and how they perceive and act upon various methods of public engagement.The data was collected by Ipsos MORI, on behalf of the Carnegie UK Trust; surveys were run with representative random sampling of approximately 1,000 people in each of the five legislative jurisdictions in the UK and Ireland

Understanding the Drivers of ‘De-risking’ and the Impact on Civil Society Organizations

March 30, 2018

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) around the world are impacted by issues of financial access – inordinate delays in cash transfers, onerous due-diligence requirements, inability to open bank accounts and arbitrary closure of bank accounts – collectively classed as 'de-risking' activities by financial institutions. This study examines the drivers of this de-risking, situating it at the intersection of frameworks for security and regulation. It looks at how global regulations on money laundering and terrorism financing, for instance, permeate policymaking, influencing institutions (perversely, at times) and negatively impacting humanitarian and development work. By delving into the practices and perspectives of relevant stakeholders –  NPOs, financial institutions, governments, regulators and international organizations – the study unpicks the mechanisms of governance and accountability involved in and through the chain of decision-making, underscoring the policy incoherence that is manifest along the way. The three country contexts chosen for the research – Brazil, Mexico and Ireland – help amplify the complexity of the issue and the potential search for solutions. Ongoing remedial measures addressing the financial exclusion of NPOs are highlighted and potential remedies that could challenge the current practice of de-risking are explored in detail.

An Exploration of the Irish Presence in the Published Record

February 20, 2018

What is the most popular Irish literary work? Gulliver's Travels. Who is the most popular Irish author? Jonathan Swift. Who is the most popular contemporary Irish author? Eoin Colfer. How do we know this? Library data.Using library data, we can also detect how works of the imagination from such luminaries as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Oliver Goldsmith, Bram Stoker, and Swift form the backbone of the Irish contribution to the published record; track the diffusion of Irish-related publications around the world; observe patterns of interest over time in Irish authors ranging from L.T. Meade to George Bernard Shaw; and perceive the strong Irish presence in contemporary genres such as young adult fantasy fiction.A country projects its culture in many ways, but few equal the importance of published materials. As the published materials linked to a country accumulate over time, a national presence of sorts forms and expands within the published record—a corpus of publications associated with that country and its people.With the aid of library collections data, a national presence can be separated out of the broader published record for study, to gain a better understanding of a country's contributions and influence in literature, scholarship, and ideas.The published record in all its manifold expressions is scattered across a vast global network of libraries.Computational analysis of the Irish presence—or any national presence—is made possible by bibliographic and holdings data produced by libraries, and in particular, by the massive aggregation of this data in the WorldCat database. WorldCat is the world's most comprehensive database of information about library collections, registering the holdings of more than 16,000 libraries around the globe. This massive aggregation of metadata is the best approximation available of the published record, as well as a unique source of intelligence about world literature as it is collected and stewarded in library collections.The Irish presence can be circumscribed and lifted out of this library data–driven view of the published record, and explored as a distinct collection of materials. This report analyzes this data and reveals how the Irish presence is known and perceived throughout the world.

Doodle Families Manual

January 1, 2018

This Manual has been designed to support the delivery of the Doodle Families Programme. As well asproviding all the programme content, it details the "how and why" of the sessions, links the practice withtheory, outlines the steps necessary to complete each session and offers background information, tips andsupport to Facilitators in the delivery of the programme. Doodle Families is a Family Literacy Programme, designed to be delivered in two components – one forparents/guardians and the other is for children. Parents' sessions can be delivered during the school day andthe children's sessions are delivered after school.

Suicide Statistics Report 2017

March 29, 2017

Suicide Statistics Report 2017: Including data for 2013-2015

Family Links Evaluation

February 21, 2017

This report represents an important move in direction for the Irish Prison Service, in line with its stated strategic objective of 'supporting the families of offenders in maintaining stable relationships by offering prisoners and their partners an opportunity to invest in the family unit.'