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Being the Change: 12 Ways Foundations Are Transforming Themselves to Transform Their Impact

April 1, 2018

Many foundations are adopting new approaches for creating social change—approaches that aim to influence the actions and investments of the public and private sector, as well as address the complex conditions that hold social problems in place.Based on interviews with 114 practitioners representing 50 foundations and 8 philanthropic services organizations, Being the Change explores how foundations are applying their assets, knowledge, skills, networks, and people in new ways in order to create impact at scale and change systems.

Growing Smarter: Achieving Sustainability in Emerging Community Foundations: Executive summary

October 3, 2007

Most U.S. community foundations are like entrepreneurs in any dynamic industry. They face challenges in balancing their ambitious goals for community impact, growth and sustainability. The path to sustainability is not built on growth alone, but on defining desirable patterns of growth and asking thoughtful questions about the implications of choices being made.

Growing Smarter: Achieving Sustainability in Emerging Community Foundations: Discussion Guide

October 3, 2007

This straightforward but thought-provoking tool was created for community foundation board meetings. Managing growth and sustainability at today's community foundations requires strong board leadership. This guide features a series of questions related to growth and sustainability for emerging community foundations.

Growing Smarter: Achieving Sustainability in Emerging Community Foundations

September 1, 2007

It's a striking paradox: as community foundations grow their assets, their sustainability is often threatened. That's the conclusion of a new paper written by FSG Social Impact Advisors and sponsored by The James Irvine Foundation. "Growing Smarter: Achieving Sustainability in Emerging Community Foundations" is based on research with growing and small community foundations. The information and models presented have relevance to community foundations of virtually any size that are interested in better understanding and enhancing their economic models.