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Evian G8: Time to Declare a War on Poverty in Africa

November 3, 2010

Last year, leaders of the world's richest countries used their G8 summit to unveil a plan of action to tackle poverty in Africa. While ambitious in its rhetoric, the plan produced little new aid or debt relief for Africa, and no reform of unfair terms of trade. As the same leaders prepare for this year's G8 summit in Evian, France, from June 1-3, action on African poverty is more vital than ever. And yet the danger is that the meeting will be dominated by Iraq. Oxfam is calling on G8 leaders also to focus their attention on Africa and to launch an all-out War Against Poverty.

A Joint Submission to the World Bank and IMF Review of HIPC and Debt Sustainability

August 1, 2002

In this paper, a series of agencies propose that the World Bank and IMF and their shareholders radically overhaul the way in which debt relief is calculated and provided. The over-arching objective of debt relief must be to help mobilise the finances needed to achieve the MDGs. If HIPC countries are to meet these targets the principle of a 100% debt cancellation option needs to be agreed. Similarly, a broad set of economic and human development objectives must be applied when deciding what level of debt repayments a country can afford to make.