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A Landscape Evaluation of Oil Governance in Uganda and Kenya

April 1, 2015

This report presents the results of a study undertaken by UNEP-WCMC for the MacArthur Foundation, from November 2013 to May 2014 and updated in January 2015, to:identify the data required to monitor the impact of the emerging oil sector in the Ugandan Albertine Graben and Kenyan Turkana Basin on the environment and the socioeconomic livelihoods of affected people and communities in those areas; andestablish the suitability of data currently being, or proposed to be, generated, to meet such needs.The purpose of the study is to inform the subsequent development of an indicator framework that can be used by the MacArthur Foundation to monitor and evaluate both the impact of oil development on the environment and socioeconomic livelihoods of people, as well as the performance of its own grant making in achieving the changes it seeks to facilitate in oil governance in the Great Lakes Region of Eastern Central Africa.