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Ethnic and Gender Differences in California High School Graduation Rates

March 1, 2009

Presents data on the disparities in graduation rates among African-American, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, and white students as well as between boys and girls within each group.

Why Students Drop Out of School: A Review of 25 Years of Research

November 7, 2008

Reviews research on the underlying causes of the high school dropout crisis -- individual and institutional characteristics that predict whether a student is likely to drop out of high school. Discusses student engagement, deviance, and other models.

Solving California's Dropout Crisis

February 1, 2008

Synthesizes ongoing CDRP research to outline the scope, the causes, and the costs of the state's high school dropout crisis. Proposes a policy agenda to raise the graduation rate, with separate recommendations for the state, districts, and schools.

Student and School Predictors of High School Graduation in California

December 1, 2007

Based on surveys of tenth-grade students, teachers, principals, and parents, identifies alterable factors that predict high school graduation, including the student's ninth-grade performance, engagement in sports, and the school's academic climate.