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Sprouting Our Collective Wisdom: Towards a Politics of Practice for Activist-led Accompaniment: Lessons from the Global Resilience Fund

June 13, 2022

We have chosen the title 'Spouting Our Collective Wisdom' as an ode to the collective knowledge and learning that has emerged from different corners of the world during the pandemic. We draw inspiration from the natural world, the cycles of growth, of co-dependence, metamorphosis, and the connectivity across ecosystems in nature around us. Through our relationships across our work in the Global Resilience Fund (GRF), with activists and funders, we have created an environment for ongoing learning, unlearning, reflection and for sprouting new ideas and experimenting with care, love and friendship as our guide.This report gives an overview of the Global Resilience Fund's activist-led accompaniment with early reflections and observations. Our intention is to inspire others to center the vision and leadership of girls and young activists in providing accompaniment, and for others to learn from our experience. 

Resourcing Adolescent Girls to Thrive: A report exploring where is the money for adolescent girls’ rights using an ecosystem approach

April 20, 2022

Working within feminist, women's rights movements and adolescent girls' and young feminist activism, it was evident to the research team that the funding landscape for adolescent girls is not well understood or developed. Searching for the money that flows to adolescent girls often feels like wandering a valley floor within the mountains, crossing a stream every now and then, and seeing only the features of the landscape within the immediate view. The larger picture and its interconnectedness is obscured, shrouded by the lack of clear and consistent data and tracking, like an incomplete map. Despite adolescent girls being a unique population, there is a disconnect between girls' expressed needs, and the resources flowing for their work and activism. This was corroborated by funders who resource adolescent girls from a feminist perspective and see girls as agents of change – and so this research was commissioned. It seeks to offer sensemaking of the adolescent girls' funding landscape to stimulate a conversation and reflection about how to resource adolescent girls to thrive. It does so using a feminist approach to funding adolescent girls as the way to bring about long-lasting transformation in their lives as the point of departure.Methodologies included three workshops with 31 girls (10 countries), a survey and two workshops with 13 feminist girls' funders, complemented by a literature review (49 resources), public data review of 71 actors, six data collecting entities, and 21 key informant interviews. All of the findings from these methods were then further sensemade through virtual workshops and desk reviews with nine Working Group members.

Weathering the Storm: Resourcing Girls and Young Activists Through a Pandemic

June 1, 2021

'Weathering the Storm' lifts up the hopes, dreams and realities of young activists organising against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. Drawing on lessons from a feminist fund set up to resource their resistance through the crisis, this report  brings together a diversity of voices from across the globe and from funder and activist communities. Rooted in community conversations, creative expressions and political analysis, these collective contributions show beyond doubt that it is not only possible to fund girls, trans and young women activists now, but that to do so is essential for our collective liberation.