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Allocating Resources within a Big City School District: New York City after Campaign for Fiscal Equity v. New York

May 1, 2005

This brief looks at at the mechanisms used to distribute resources across public schools. We first present what we know about the current distribution of educational resources within New York City and other large city districts. Then we discuss current efforts to promote greater equity in the distribution of resources and improve student performance. We conclude with lessons and policy implications for New York State as it implements the CFE decision in New York City. These findings also apply to other large districts in the state, such as Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany. Our focus in this brief is on vertical equity--ensuring that schools serving students with different levels of need receive appropriately different levels of resources--rather than adequacy. But the two concepts are closely related. If we ensure that students with a variety of needs have ample resources to achieve agreed upon educational goals, we will achieve both school-level adequacy and vertical equit

Financing Georgia's Schools: A Primer

October 1, 2003

Georgia's nearly 1.5 million students make it the ninth largest state K-12 school system in the United States. Furthermore, Georgia has one of the fastest growing school enrollments in the nation, registering an increase of 12.2 percent between 1996 and 2002. Educating these students requires substantial financial resources. The purpose of this Primer is to explain how education in Georgia is financed and to point out some of the major school financing issues confronting the state. Report No.87

Racial Disparities in School Finance Adequacy: Evidence From Georgia and the Nation

July 1, 2001

This report explores the relationship between the level of education expenditures and the racial composition of school districts in Georgia and the nation and estimates the cost of achieving benchmarks for school finance adequacy.

Provision of An Equitable Public School Finance Structure in Georgia

February 1, 2000

This report presents options for reducing inequities in the funding of Georgia's public school districts.

Distribution of Public Education Funding in Georgia, 1992: Equity From a National Perspective

April 1, 1999

This report compares the inter-district equity of school revenue in Georgia with that of all other states.