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A Sweeter Future? The potential for EU sugar reform to contribute to poverty reduction in Southern Africa

October 29, 2010

Some countries in southern Africa, among the poorest in the world, have long-term potential to build sugar industries that contribute to poverty reduction. Their ability to fulfil this potential depends critically on the outcome of EU sugar reforms, currently under discussion, which will determine their access to the lucrative EU sugar market. Existing EU reform proposals will neither improve meaningful market access for the poorest countries nor end the scandal of export dumping. The EU must revise its reform strategy in line with its international development commitments.

Boxing Match in Agricultural Trade: Will WTO negotiations knock out the worlds poorest farmers?

October 29, 2010

Agricultural trade could play a key role in the fight against poverty. But in practice the rules which govern world agricultural trade benefit the rich rather than the poor. Rich countries spend vast sums of money protecting the interests of their producers, while at the same time forcing poor countries to open their markets to subsidised imports. Achieving an equitable outcome from the WTO agricultural negotiations will be a litmus test of the so-called Doha Development Round. Developing countries should not sign a new agricultural agreement if their vital development needs are not adequately addressed.