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Access to and Affordability of Care in Massachusetts as of Fall 2008: Geographic and Racial/Ethnic Differences

May 28, 2009

Based on a fall 2008 survey, compares access to and affordability of health care, including prescription drugs and dental care, for adults by geography and race/ethnicity. Explores factors behind unmet needs and financial burdens from healthcare costs.

Reinsurance in State Health Reform

May 1, 2008

Based on the experiences of three states, formal modeling, quantitative estimates, and qualitative assessments, explores the impact of and issues involved in publicly funding reinsurance for insurers as a way to expand or maintain private coverage.

The Urban Institute's Microsimulation Model for Reinsurance: Model Construction and State-Specific Application

May 1, 2008

Describes the Urban Institute's model for simulating the effects of using state-funded reinsurance to subsidize primary insurance premiums. Details the process of building state-specific baseline databases and modeling reinsurance policy options.