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CenterView: Learning Cycles: A Powerful Tool for Teacher-to-Teacher Professional Learning

January 1, 2018

Teacher leaders are well-positioned to influence positive instructional change in other teachers' practices and can be even more impactful when equipped with tools that help them lead productive professional learning experiences.

CenterView: Forging Partnerships -- A Model for Teacher Leadership Development

January 1, 2017

This CenterView focuses on teacher leaders as instructional leaders and how districts can enable successful teacher leadership to improve standards-aligned instructional practices.

CenterView: Teachers Leading the Way - Teacher-to-Teacher Professional Learning

January 1, 2017

Teacher leaders are positioned to help other teachers reflect on their practice, try new pedagogical approaches, and work through instruction-related struggles -- ultimately, leading to a change in instructional practice. In order to be effective in their new leadership roles, however, teacher leaders need support in developing leadership skills and require site-level conditions that foster teacher-to-teacher professional learning.

CenterView: California District Leaders on Common Core: Professional Learning Gaps Persist

January 1, 2016

Professional learning that targets specific areas of need -- namely, support for K-12 teachers as curriculum developers, pedagogical knowledge for teaching English learners, and school leader training -- is critical to addressing the challenges to content standards implementation.

CenterView: Common Core Implementation in California -- A Snapshot of Districts' Progress

January 1, 2016

It's been six years since California adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). District leaders have been busy building capacity and developing infrastructure to support effective CCSS implementation, while teachers have been working hard to implement standards-aligned instruction that supports academic success for all students.

CenterView: Increasing District Capacity to Implement the Common Core -- It Begins With a Partnership

January 1, 2016

California school districts have been given significant flexibility in how best to support teachers in implementing the Common Core State Standards. This flexibility, in a state with vastly differing local and regional contexts, has resulted in a wide variety of district-level approaches to training teachers in content knowledge and pedagogical strategies aligned to the state standards.

CenterView: Putting a Lens on Teacher Practice -- Video-Based Peer Coaching

January 1, 2016

Effective teachers frequently reflect on how to improve their practice: Did I scaffold the lesson well? Did I give students enough processing time? How can I help students connect these two key concepts?

CenterView: Mix It Up -- Blended Strategies for High-Impact Professional Learning

January 1, 2015

Teachers desire high-impact professional learning that involves peer collaboration, problem solving and knowledge sharing. However, this type of professional learning isn't always possible to maintain, especially for teachers who are isolated by geography or content area.