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The Environmental Crime Crisis: Threats to Sustainable Development From Illegal Exploitation and Trade in Wildlife and Forest Resources

June 5, 2014

Given the alarming pace, level of sophistication, and globalized nature that illegal trade in wildlife has now notoriously achieved, UNEP initiated a Rapid Response Assessment to provide some of the latest data, analysis, and broadest insights into the phenomenon. Tackling illegal wildlife trade demands this examination of the relationship between the environmental resources at stake, their legal and illegal exploitation, the loopholes that exacerbate the situation, the scale and types of crimes committed, and the dynamics of the demand driving the trade.

Ecosystem Services: A Guide for Decision Makers

March 5, 2008

Offers an approach to decision-making that reconciles conservation with development goals through multiple-use ecosystem management, ecosystem restoration, and conservation planning. Details steps for assessing risks, priorities, conditions, and costs.