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Private Enterprise for Public Health: Opportunities for Business to Improve Women's and Children's Health

July 10, 2012

This guide, developed by FSG and published by the Innovation Working Group in support of the global Every Woman, Every Child effort, explores how companies can create shared value in women's and children's health. The document sets out opportunities for multiple different industries to develop new product and services, improve delivery systems and strengthen health systems that can support global efforts to save 16 million women's and children's lives between now and 2015. It particularly notes that companies need not wait for health services to "catch up" with their economic model, but rather they can work proactively to help accelerate change, by partnering with other industries, civil society and the public sector to create collective impact in a specific location. The aim of the guide is to catalyze these transformative partnerships.

Competing by Saving Lives: How Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies Create Shared Value in Global Health

March 1, 2012

This report looks at how pharmaceutical and medical device companies can create shared value in global health by addressing unmet health needs in low- and middle-income countries. Companies have already begun to reap business value and are securing competitive advantages in the markets of tomorrow.

Creating Shared Value: A How-to Guide for the New Corporate (R)evolution

March 1, 2011

Creating Shared Value (CSV) requires comprehensive and sustained efforts across a corporation. Drawing heavily on real-life examples, this report identifies ten key building blocks that together form a blueprint for translating CSV into action, and explores how companies can get started on that process.

Multiplying Impact Through Philanthropic Collaboration

November 1, 2010

This paper was commissioned by the Network Building Committee of EFC in order to better understand the critical factors relating to effective collaboration between foundations and across sectors, to identify mechanisms and services that can trigger and nurture them, and to test which of these (if any) EFC would be well placed to provide or facilitate. In addition to this goal, we hope to spark a wider conversation within the sector about how to catalyse more collaboration between donors --particularly across national borders. The study drew on input from 20 key stakeholders, an in-depth study of five benchmarks and eight examples of successful collaboration.