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Characteristics of People Who Identify as LGBTQ Experiencing Homelessness: Findings from the 2018 Minnesota Homeless Study

September 1, 2020

This report highlights findings from interviews with 440 people who identified as LGBTQ and were experiencing homelessness in Minnesota.

Homelessness on Minnesota American Indian Reservations: Findings from the 2018 Minnesota Reservation Homeless Study

April 1, 2020

Alongside the Statewide Minnesota Homeless Study, the Reservation Homeless Study is conducted every three years in partnership with six of Minnesota's American Indian reservations. This report provides findings from the reservation study and includes data tables for each survey question. 

Older Adults Experiencing Homelessness in Minnesota: Key Characteristics of Adults Age 55 and Older from the 2018 Minnesota Homeless Study

April 1, 2020

This summary highlights findings from interviews with 740 people who were age 55 and older and experiencing homelessness in Minnesota.

Homelessness in Minnesota: Detailed Findings from the 2018 Minnesota Homeless Study

March 1, 2020

The Minnesota Homeless Study, conducted every three years by Wilder Research, is a point-in-time study aimed at better understanding homelessness in Minnesota. The study is the most comprehensive source of descriptive information about homeless adults, youth, and children in the state, and is intended to equip readers with the data needed to improve housing programs and policies, address systemic problems, and ultimately eliminate homelessness in Minnesota.This summary provides a snapshot of the numbers of people who were homeless in Minnesota in 2018 and findings from face-to-face interviews conducted on October 25, 2018, with 4,181 adults experiencing homelessness throughout Minnesota.

Veterans Experiencing Homelessness: Findings rom the 2018 Minnesota Homeless Study

January 1, 2020

This report highlights findings from a subset of those interviewed during the Minnesota Homeless Study in 2018: U.S. military Veterans experiencing homelessness.

What Happens to Adopted Youth and Families after Adoption? Resutls of a Follow Up Study Conducted for Ampersand Families

January 1, 2020

Wilder Research worked with staff from Ampersand Families to design a post-adoption follow-up study that focused on the outcomes of youth adopted as older children and the families who adopt. This report presents the results of interviews with youth adoptees and adoptive parents.

Project Recovery Evaluation Report: 2018-2019 Evaluation

August 1, 2019

Project Recovery serves individuals experiencing homelessness and substance use disorders in Ramsey and Dakota counties through drop-in and case management services, linking them to appropriate housing, treatment, and health care supports. This report presents evaluation results for the second year of grant activities. It includes data from interviews with participants, evaluations of a training session provided to housing providers, and surveys with stakeholders who work with the chemical dependency and homelessness systems.

Older Adults Experiencing Homelessness in Minnesota: Summary of the 2018 Statewide Counts and Continuum of Care Regions in the State

June 1, 2019

Initial observations from the 2018 statewide counts data, focusing on older adults. The fact sheets include data on the number of older adults experiencing homelessness over time, the number staying in shelters and not in formal shelters, and those experiencing homelessness by age group. This document includes 10 fact sheets, one for each continuum of care region and statewide.

Community Health Workers in the Midwest: Understanding and Developing the Workforce

June 1, 2012

The American Cancer Society seeks to promote the use of community health workers throughout their midwest region. Wilder Research conducted an assessment designed to increase understanding of the community health worker workforce in four states: Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. WR also conducted a study to demonstrate the economic value of investing in cancer outreach via community health workers.

Growing Up Healthy in Minnesota

March 1, 2005

An evaluation of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation's Growing Up Healthy Program. In spring 2002, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation made grants to nine organizations around the state to improve access to and use of preventive medical and dental services for children and teens. Focused particularly on the needs of immigrant communities and communities of color, the $1.4 million Growing Up Healthy program aimed ultimately to improve the health of Minnesotans at highest risk for lifelong health disparities.In keeping with the goals of the initiative, over 90 percent of children who received or were connected with a preventive health or dental exam were in communities of color. Growing Up Healthy reached an estimated 17,500 people in two years.