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From Attention to Engagement: The Transformation of the Content Industry

March 6, 2012

This presentation was given by Lear Center Director Martin Kaplan at a public forum in Barcelona. The event was sponsored by the Barcelona Media Center.

The Business and Culture of Social Media: In Search of the People Formerly Known As the Audience

June 26, 2009

This presentation addresses three transformations: the transformation of the audience; of advertising models; and of media businesses. The talk describes how they were transformed first by digital technology, and how they are now being transformed by social media. It goes on to describe what we call the "three economies" which govern the era of social media and proposes some research needed in order to understand and to monetize the audiences of this era.

A Report on the Media and the Immigration Debate

September 25, 2008

Analyzes media coverage of immigration since 1980 and how industry practices and new media have conditioned the public to associate immigration with illegality, crisis, controversy, and government failure, causing a stalemate in the policy debate.