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Global Trade Impacts: Addressing the Health, Social and Environmental Consequences of Moving International Freight Through Our Communities

April 14, 2011

Examines freight transportation industry trends; the impact of global trade on workers, the environment, and health in both exporting and importing countries; and organizing strategies and policy innovations for minimizing the damage and ensuring health.

Coming Together: Lessons on Collaboration From California Works for Better Health

December 12, 2008

Details the collaborative process of the California Works for Better Health initiative to improve low-income workers' health through job quality. Presents lessons learned on how the partnerships' tone, context, and strategies affect the overall outcome.

Community Building, Community Bridging

January 31, 2004

A summary document of our research, entitled "Community Building, Community Bridging: Linking Neighborhood Improvement Initiatives and the New Regionalism in the San Francisco Bay Area," discusses the three initiatives and draws general lessons for those interested in how communities and regions could better work together.