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Algebra Intervention: Not Business as Usual

May 6, 2009

Algebra for all students has created the need for intervention and supplemental   programs to support students through the rigors of algebraic content. This need raises the issue of how to evaluate and choose an intervention or readiness program for students.In this archived webinar, Mardi A. Gale, WestEd Senior Research Associate, shares research-based, essential elements of algebraic intervention programs, citing portions of the Aim for Algebra program to illustrate each of these elements.Aim for Algebra is an algebra intervention program that is standards-aligned, conceptually based, and supports students through modules that focus on common barriers to success in algebra. To enhance retention, the conceptual nature of this targeted curriculum is scaffolded in accordance with current learning theory.Webinar participants engage in an examination of essential elements for intervention and support curricula that will assist and guide them as they search for appropriate programs.Participants also learn about an algebra intervention program appropriate for in-school use, as part of existing programs or as a stand-alone, or for use as an extended day program. This intervention program has potential for use as a pre-algebra curriculum as well.This archived webinar is helpful for middle and high school teachers of mathematics, math coaches, math curriculum supervisors/consultants, administrators, and district personnel in charge of intervention/support/extended day programs.

Aim for Algebra: Not Business as Usual

May 5, 2009

Aim for Algebra was developed at WestEd by experts in the field of mathematics education.The program is a coherent set of materials, conceptual in nature, rather than a collection of individual worksheets on isolated topics.Our curriculum focuses on key "trouble spots" in algebra that typically cause difficulty because:* students lack prerequisites,* students have misconceptions about the content, or* the material is complex and students need more time and practice with the topic.Aim for Algebra is a standards-aligned, concept-based support curriculum developed by WestEd with funding from the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciencesunder PR/Award #R305K040003.