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Governance in Ethiopia: Impact evaluation of the African Climate Change and Resilience Alliance (ACCRA) project

February 7, 2018

This report presents the findings of the impact evaluation of the project 'African Climate Change and Resilience Alliance (ACCRA) in Ethiopia (phase 2)', which ran from 1 November 2011 to 31 December 2016 as part of the Oxfam GB's global CHASE Programme Partnership Arrangement (PPA4) portfolio. The project aimed to enhance governance systems and climate resilience, and to achieve climate justice - fairness towards vulnerable communities affected by climate change. It was implemented by Oxfam in Ethiopia, the lead partner of ACCRA in Ethiopia. The evaluation is part of Oxfam GB's Effectiveness Review series.

Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance: Phase 2 Synthesis Evaluation, final report

June 23, 2017

ACCRA, which began implementing its programme in Mozambique, Uganda and Ethiopia in 2009, works with national and local governments and civil society groups in the countries where its programmes are implemented to tackle complex climate change issues and work towards increasing community adaptive capacities, transforming governance systems and achieving climate justice.This evaluation of phase 2 of the programme used a participatory, reflexive and theory-informed methodology to assess the extent to which the programme objectives were met. Also available are case studies on Mozambique and Uganda; see downloads on this page.