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Better Choices: Charter Incubation as a Strategy for Improving the Charter School Sector

December 7, 2011

The twenty years since Minnesota passed the nation's first charter school law have seen a great expansion in school choice, with charters operating in all but ten states and enrolling nearly two million students nationwide. Yet while parents now enjoy more schooling options for their children, a disappointing number of charter schools fail to provide excellent educations. As an authorizer of charter schools in Ohio, we struggle daily with birthing and growing high-quality charter schools -- which is why we find promising and underutilized approaches like charter incubation so appealing.

Shooting for Stars: Cross-Sector Lessons for Retaining High-Performing Educators

June 18, 2010

Examines key strategies from outside the education sector for retaining high performers and applications for K-12: offer differentiated pay and competitive packages, opportunities for advancement, flexible and challenging work roles, and team-building.