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Indigenous Evaluation 101 Guidebook

October 1, 2022

This Guide was developed by Bowman Performance Consulting and Wilder Research as part of our work with the Minnesota Department of Education to conduct an Indigenous Evaluation for Minnesota's Preschool Development Grant. It was developed to help the State of Minnesota, Indigenous organizations, and others to recognize the steps and considerations necessary to design and implement an evaluation that considers Indigenous ways of knowing. It contains concrete tips and tools, and includes links to other resources.

Infusing Equity and Cultural Responsiveness in Local Youth Substance Use Prevention Efforts: Tips and Tools

June 1, 2021

The purpose of the toolkit is to help communities weave equity and cultural responsiveness throughout implementation of the Strategic Prevention Framework. The toolkit contains tips, templates, and case studies.

Inclusive Substance Abuse Prevention Among College Students: Findings from the Field and Lessons Learned from Minnesota's Partnership's for Success Grant

January 1, 2021

This report focuses on culturally responsive prevention strategies. Populations of focus were: students with mental health concerns, students of color and Indigenous students, LGBTQ students, and student athletes. Information includes substance use among these groups and preventing substance use.

Evaluation of Twin Cities Youth Social Entrepreneurship Programs: Results from a Point-in-Time Research Study of Eight YSE Programs

May 1, 2020

This report presents the results of a three-year research study on the impacts of YSE programs on youth. It includes eight YSE programs located in the Twin Cities metro area.

Invest Early: 15 Years of Impacts: Evaluation Results

January 1, 2020

After 15 years of evaluation, this report focused on: 1) The demographic, social, and economic trends in Itasca County since Invest Early's inception; 2) The state of early childhood programming internationally; and 3) What makes Invest Early successful, and what improvements are needed. Wilder Research conducted a literature review, a review of indicators of child and family characteristics and well-being, qualitative interviews with Invest Early parents, an analysis of key evaluation data, and a facilitated discussion with community partners.

Evaluation of Twin Cities Youth Social Entrepreneurship Programs: Results from a Point-in-Time Research Study of 11 YSE Programs, Funded by the Sundance Family Foundation

May 1, 2019

This report presents the results of a 24-month research study on the impacts of Youth Social Entrepreneurship programs on youth, including work readiness skills and interpersonal and social-emotional skills.

African-American Babies in Minneapolis and St. Paul

December 1, 2011

Provides a snapshot of the current status of African-American babies (whose parents were born in the U.S.) relative to other babies in St. Paul and Minneapolis. When data on African-American babies are not available, data on all black babies (including children of African immigrants) are presented.

Babies in Minnesota: The well-being and vulnerabilities of our youngest children

November 1, 2009

Summarizes how young children and their parents in Minnesota are faring, including indicators and trends with regard to births, newborns, infants, and toddlers as well as family strengths and stressors. When data are available, differences based on geography, income, and race/ethnicity are also noted. The report concludes with both implications of the major trends and differences and effective strategies for improving the well-being of our most vulnerable young children.

The Cost Burden to Minnesota K-12 When Children Are Not Fully Prepared for Kindergarten

December 20, 2008

Estimates the costs to the school system of students dropping out, turnover or absenteeism among teachers due to student problems, grade repetition, special education, and school safety needs -- as a result of insufficient early childhood education.