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Investigating Philadelphia's Uncertified Childcare Providers

May 25, 2016

Reinvestment Fund's ChildCare Map provides information about the location, size, and quality of early childcare centers operating in Philadelphia. When ChildCare Map launched in 2014 researchers identified a large number of "uncertified providers"--childcare centers operating in Philadelphia, but not listed in the state's OCDEL database. Uncertified providers operate outside of the state's official records, and therefore very little information exists about their size, services, or quality.

Youth at High Risk of Disconnection

May 16, 2009

Updates the 2003 report "Connected by 25: Improving the Life Chances of the Country's Most Vulnerable 14-24 Year Olds" with demographic changes in disconnected and at-risk youth -- teens who are dropouts, mothers, in foster care, and/or incarcerated.

Connecting Youth Through Multiple Pathways

April 15, 2009

Presents findings from a field scan of efforts to help vulnerable youth graduate from high school, what is working, what should be done, and what opportunities exist for Casey's involvement. Explores risk factors and alternative programs. Lists resources.