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Using Congregate Care: What the Evidence Tells Us

July 1, 2021

This report focuses on kids entering group settings for their first child welfare placement. It explores how likely this placement is, how long and stable it is, and how often it results in achieving permanency or a return to out-of-home care.To complete this study, researchers analyzed demographic data for each child — their age, gender, race and ethnicity and urbanicity — to determine how or if these factors played a role in their group care experience. They found a significant relationship between age, race and ethnicity, and the utilization of group placements. They also noted that such connections are best understood within the context of the local child welfare system and its local service offerings.

A 5-Year Projection of the Number of Children Reaching Age 18 While in Foster Care

April 7, 2010

Estimates the number of children aging out of foster care in 2009-13. Examines recent trends by age of entry into foster care and outlines how changes in the number entering care, their age distribution, and duration of care affect projections.