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2019-2020 Tracking Report: LGBTQ Grantmaking by U.S. Foundations

June 28, 2022

The 2019-2020 Resource Tracking Report: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Grantmaking by U.S. Foundations (2022) explores the scope and character of U.S. foundation funding for LGBTQ communities and issues in calendar years 2019-2020. This 18th edition of the tracking report represents the next iteration of work from Funders for LGBTQ Issues in our ongoing effort to document the scale of philanthropic support for LGBTQ communities and issues.The report finds that foundation funding for LGBTQ communities and issues has fallen since its record high in 2018, totaling $193 million in 2019 and $201 million in 2020. This is concerning, as it comes at a time when, according to Giving USA, overall foundation support has soared. For every $100 awarded by U.S. foundations in 2020, only 23 cents specifically supported LGBTQ communities and issues.

Funding to Meet Changing Realities: LGBTI Organisations on the State of Funding in Europe and Central Asia

January 11, 2022

ILGA-Europe continues our needs assessment work in partnership with Strength in Numbers to make a case to both better align and increase funding for the work of LGBTI organisations in Europe and Central Asia.The first funding needs assessment was done in 2017 with the intention to shine a light on the activities undertaken by LGBTI organisations, particularly those that are underfunded compared to the importance that organisations give to them. The 2021 needs assessment continues this work, with additional intentions to detect changes in the funding landscape, as well as collect additional data about the lived realities of LGBTI activists and organisations operating in the context of COVID-19, and in many countries, anti-LGBTI and/or anti-gender rhetoric, threats and attacks. Ultimately, ILGA-Europe monitors the funding landscape with an eye to moving towards sustainability for LGBTI organisations, ensuring LGBTI people on the ground can access the services they need and are free from discrimination.Where sufficient data are available, it highlights disparities between regions, so donors and activists can be aware of gaps in resources identified by LGBTI activists. ILGA-Europe would like to see the report used as a tool to continue conversations between donors and movements to increase the funding available and align the priorities of donors with the needs and opportunities experienced by LGBTI movements. The report is also intended to reach LGBTI organisations, including ILGA-Europe members, with a view to enhancing our collective understanding of how funding can support the work of our movements.

Funding for LGBTI Activism in Europe and Central Asia: Priorities and Access to Resources

June 21, 2021

ILGA-Europe wanted to learn more about the LGBTI movements' priorities in the rapidly-changing political, social and cultural environment we all find ourselves in. We were particularly curious to understand more about how your work is being resourced.The Funding for LGBTI Activism report distils the survey responses of 287 LGBTI organisations into one publication, written by Erin Howe and Somjen Frazer from Strength in Numbers for ILGA-Europe.Put simply, this report shows where funding is needed and signposts ways for funders to fund LGBTI activists in an ever-more strategic and sustainable way.

Pocket Change: How Women and Girls of Color Do More with Less

June 1, 2020

Women and girls of color are pivotal frontline leaders and organizers in the powerful social change movements that pave the way for a more equitable and just democracy. Our report, Pocket Change: How Women and Girls of Color Do More With Less, seeks to better understand how they do this work and asks critical questions of philanthropy and donors: How is philanthropy supporting or not supporting women and girls of color? Are philanthropic practices in alignment with the breadth of advocacy and services that women of color-led organizations actually provide? How can we change our practices to center women and girls of color in our giving and hold ourselves accountable?As feminist activists and philanthropists working to advance gender and racial equity, we must grow and expand movements for equity while making space for taking care and healing. Each day brings significant challenges and pressures on women and girls of color, especially indigenous and transgender women. Pocket Change is a data-driven testament to how they rise to these challenges with ingenuity, resilience, fortitude, and integrity. These are unprecedented times, and there are many, many ways to engage in philanthropy and activism. We hope that Pocket Change will provide new tools and a mandate to give more, better, and with greater transparency to our gender and racial justice movements. The model of feminist, trust-based philanthropy that centers women and girls of color is needed now more than ever.