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Validation of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation-Identification Tool

September 25, 2017

Trafficked youth are typically not identified until years after their exploitation has begun. In order to protect youth from prolonged abuse and violence and get them help, exploitation must be recognized as early as possible. To make this possible, service providers and other professionals who work with youth need a validated screening tool to aid in accurately detecting exploitation.the cse-it is an evidence based toolIn 2014, WestCoast Children's Clinic developed the Commercial Sexual Exploitation – Identification Tool (CSE-IT) with the input of over 100 survivors and service providers. In 2016, we validated the CSE-IT with data from a 15-month pilot to ensure that it accurately identifies youth who have clear indicators of exploitation. Since 2015 we have worked collaboratively with 77 agencies in 3 states to use the CSE-IT. As of June 2017, WestCoast has trained 4,000 service providers to recognize the signs of exploitation. These providers screened 12,500 youth and identified 1,500 youth with clear indicators of exploitation.

Simplification of Health and Social Services Enrollment and Eligibility: Lessons for California From Interviews in Four States

November 4, 2010

Explores state officials' and advocates' views on issues involved in streamlining enrollment and eligibility processes, including the importance of staff buy-in, community partners' outreach efforts, and technological challenges and lessons learned.