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Immigrant Integration Toolkit

January 1, 2006

Investing in Our Communities: Strategies for Immigrant Integration, published in 2006, is a succinct, easy-to-understand guide that describes how grantmakers at all levels can play an important leadership role on this issue. This toolkit for grantmakers draws on extensive research and interviews with hundreds of foundation, community, business, and government leaders. It incorporates academic research as well as policy and community-based concerns into a resource that also can inform the work of practitioners in the nonprofit, public, and private sectors.

Learning Together: Collaborative Inquiry Beween Grant Makers and Grantees

January 1, 2006

Some grant makers have found that learning together with grantees, constituents, partners, funders, and others can be a useful way to approach an evaluative task. Here, grant makers describe the basic ingredients of those exercises and reflect on what makes them valuable.