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Sustaining Careers: A Study of the Status of U.S. Craft Artists

November 1, 2013

This report updates the 2004 study, "Voices From the Studio, National Craft Artist Research Project" The current survey results reported here complement focus groups and a literature review. The findings allow the CERF+ (Craft Emergency Relief Fund + Artists' Emergency Resources) board, staff, and other stakeholders to assess the needs of professional craft artists and inform decisions about CERF+'s programs and services. The inquiry will also enlighten the craft field and arts sector as a whole about the needs, challenges, and opportunities craft artists face as they work to sustain their careers.CERF+'s 2013 survey of 3,500 American craft artists sampled attitudes about craft trends, sales and income, insurance, emergency preparation and recovery, and plans for their legacy. Quantitative survey findings closely correspond with more nuanced, qualitative results of nine focus groups conducted by CERF+ nationwide in late 2012 and early 2013. Policy makers, funders, and service providers will find the summaries of both studies instructive.

Teaching Partnerships: Report of a National Forum on Partnerships Improving Teaching of the Arts

November 18, 2001

The forum convened on November 18-19, 2001 at Lincoln Center, New York. The forum on partnerships to improve teaching the arts was an outgrowth of earlier gatherings and of research to identify and respond to current challenges to sustain and enhance quality arts teaching. During 1999 the Arts Education Partnership convened a task force which concluded that improved teaching hinges on collaborations among three key sectors engaged in the preparation and strengthening of the arts teaching force: (1) colleges and universities; (2) public education systems at the state and local levels; and (3) arts and cultural organizations. The focus of the forum was on the practices of educational partnerships in five areas: (1) pre-service education; (2) professional development; (3) engaging leadership; (4) documenting impact; and (5) sustaining the partnerships. Thirteen exemplary partnerships were invited to attend the forum. Each partnership was asked to bring to the forum a team that included a representative from higher education, from a local school district, and from participating arts and cultural organizations. This report on the forum contains five sections: (1) "Preface"; (2) "Introduction"; (3) "Challenges"; (4) "Best Practices and Strategies for Success"; and (5) "Action Recommendations." Appended are references (n=20) and partnership descriptions.