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Drinking From the Fire Hoses at Future of News and Civic Media Conference 3.0

August 27, 2010

A companion report to "Knight News Challenge: Casting the Net Wide for Innovation," describes Knight's fourth News Challenge winners, their media projects, and discussions and tweets from a June 2010 conference on trends in and potential for civic media.

A Way Forward: Solving the Challenges of the News Frontier

August 10, 2010

Summarizes a February 2010 conference of faculty and students from twelve leading journalism schools on the Carnegie- Knight Initiative's outcomes and the outlook for entrepreneurs of news, digital media training for journalists, and citizen journalism.

Knight News Challenge: Casting the Net Wide for Innovation

June 16, 2010

Reviews the evolution of the Knight News Challenge contest for experimental projects in digital delivery of news and information to local communities, profiles winning projects and explores the grants' impact, and considers issues of sustainability.

Journalism in the Service of Democracy: A Summit of Deans, Faculty, Students and Journalists

April 30, 2008

Distills discussions at a January 2008 conference to assess the future of journalism, including topics such as reinventing journalism education, reinvigorating the news environment, and opportunities in new media. Includes highlights of breakout sessions.

Journalism's Crisis of Confidence: A Challenge for the Next Generation

May 1, 2006

Explores media trends, innovation and ethics in journalism, America's changing news habits, and standards for new forms of journalism. Includes recommendations for ensuring the future of journalism as both an ethical profession and a viable business.

The Annenberg Challenge: Lessons and Reflections on Public School Reform

June 1, 2002

Presents findings and recommendations from an initiative that established eighteen projects in public schools across the U.S. to improve education in inner city schools, provide assistance to isolated rural schools, and expand access to arts education.

Homeland Defense and Democratic Liberties: An American Balance in Danger?

January 1, 2002

Explores issues such as surveillance of people and the means they can use to create havoc; potential infringements on privacy; democracies' responses to terrorism; and the need to maintain a balance between security and American civil rights.