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Teacher Stability and Turnover in Los Angeles: The Influence of Teacher and School Characteristics

July 19, 2011

Analyzes how teacher and school characteristics - including demographics, quality and qualification, specialty, school type (public, magnet, charter) and size, academic climate, and teacher-student racial match - influence teacher turnover.

How Diverse Schools Affect Student Mobility: Charter, Magnet, and Newly Built Campuses in Los Angeles

July 19, 2011

Analyzes how student attributes, including race/ethnicity, language, and nativity, and school type (public, charter, pilot, magnet), size, and mix affect which students leave and which schools they transfer to. Considers pros and cons of student mobility.

Deregulating School Aid in California: How 10 Districts Responded to Fiscal Flexibility, 2009-2010

May 25, 2011

Based on interviews, examines districts' responses to provisions relaxing spending restrictions on categorical funding, their consequences, factors that shaped budget decisions and any benefits, the role of federal stimulus funds, and policy implications.

Giving a Student Voice to California's Dropout Crisis

March 1, 2008

Shares what first-year high school students find motivating or discouraging; how they view family, peer, and school factors; and how demographic characteristics, attitudes toward school, and support networks affect the odds of their dropping out.