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Chronic Disease and Co-Morbidity Among Dual Eligibles: Implications for Patterns of Medicaid and Medicare Service Use and Spending

July 13, 2010

Compares spending patterns for people enrolled in both Medicaid and Medicare with multiple chronic and mental conditions with those for other beneficiaries and examines underlying factors. Explores challenges and policy implications of reform provisions.

In Pursuit of Affordable Health Care: On the Ground Lessons From Families in Massachusetts

September 1, 2009

Based on focus group discussions, compares the coverage and healthcare costs of families with employer-sponsored insurance and those without after the state's 2006 healthcare reform. Draws lessons on eligibility rules, enrollment procedures, and outreach.

Medicaid as a Platform for Broader Health Reform: Supporting High-Need and Low-Income Populations

May 12, 2009

Outlines how policy makers can build on Medicaid to expand health coverage for low-income, high-need people by basing eligibility on income, boosting provider participation, increasing federal funding, and containing costs as a step toward broader reform.

Turning to Medicaid and SCHIP in an Economic Recession: Conversations With Recent Applicants and Enrollees

December 23, 2008

Based on focus group discussions, examines how the loss of jobs and employer-sponsored health insurance affects families. Explores the limitations of COBRA and private insurance and the role of Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance Programs.