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On the Road to Better Value: State Roles in Promoting Accountable Care Organizations

February 4, 2011

Outlines how accountable care organizations can deliver value through incentives to manage utilization, improve quality, and curb cost growth. Profiles states supporting the model with data, new payment methods, accountability measures, and other efforts.

State Strategies to Improve Quality and Efficiency: Making the Most of Opportunities in National Health Reform

January 22, 2011

Examines ten states' initiatives to address key components of quality and efficiency improvement, including data collection, aggregation, and standardization; public reporting; payment reform; consumer engagement; and provider engagement.

Strengthening Primary and Chronic Care: State Innovations to Transform and Link Small Practices

December 15, 2010

Presents case studies of state policies for reorganizing and improving primary and chronic care delivery among small practices, including leadership and convening, payment incentives, infrastructure support, feedback and monitoring, and certification.

A State Policymakers' Guide to Federal Health Reform: Part I: Anticipating How Federal Health Reform Will Affect State Roles

November 18, 2009

Examines how federal healthcare reform will affect states' tools and roles in connecting people to services, promoting coordination and integration, improving care for those with complex needs, being results-oriented, and increasing efficiencies.

Supporting State Policymakers' Implementation of Federal Health Reform

November 16, 2009

Outlines the capacities states will need to implement federal healthcare reform in the areas of information and analysis, strategic implementation and planning, topic-specific technical assistance, communications, and coordination and integration.

Organizing the U.S. Health Care Delivery System for High Performance

August 7, 2008

Analyzes the fragmentation of the healthcare delivery system and makes policy recommendations -- including payment reform, regulatory changes, and infrastructure -- for creating mechanisms to coordinate care across providers and settings.

Bending the Curve: Options for Achieving Savings and Improving Value in Health Spending

December 1, 2007

Analyzes the potential of fifteen federal health policy options to lower spending over the next ten years and yield higher value on investments in health care.

A Roadmap to Health Insurance for All: Principles for Reform

October 18, 2007

Presents principles for health insurance reform and compares the potential of three approaches -- tax incentives for the individual insurance market; mixed private-public group insurance with shared financing responsibility; and public insurance.