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Women Lack Sufficient Wealth to Achieve Economic Stability

August 1, 2016

Women own, on average, only 32 cents for every $1 owned by a man. Women of color have even less. With only $200 and $100 in median wealth, African American and Latina women, respectively, own less than one cent for every $1 owned by a white man. So while Americans are right to advocate for narrowing the gender wage gap, these figures demand that we address another gap that threatens women's economic security: the gender wealth gap.Numbers to KnowWomen own 32 cents for every $1 men own.Women are 80% more likely than men to live in poverty upon retirement.Low-wage working mothers' income decreases 7% for each child.

Retirement Gap: Americans Struggle to Save

July 28, 2016

Every day, 10,000 Baby Boomers enter retirement, hoping to maintain their quality of life while they are no longer working. Unfortunately, saving for retirement and stretching retirement income has become increasingly difficult, leaving far too many American households with little to no retirement savings.Numbers to Know:Fifty percent of Americans age 55 and older don't have any retirement savings.Two-thirds of older Americans who live in poverty are women.Median retirement savings for African-American and Latino households near retirement (age 55-64) totals $0.