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An Ecological Approach to Partnership

June 3, 2016

This learning paper explores insights and questions on partnerships from the perspective of the Oxfam Australia (OAU)-led program in South Africa. It examines four issues: power, contestation, trust and adaptive practice. It also presents an emergent partnership model drawing on this learning.

Reflections and Learning from Practice: Oxfam Australia in South Africa

June 3, 2016

The Oxfam Australia (OAU) Country Office in South Africa, located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, has promoted and supported an integrated programming approach called 'No Longer Vulnerable' (NLV). This has been pioneered as a new and effective way to enable positive change for the people with whom the organisation works. In these learning papers, Oxfam team members explore key emerging areas from the No Longer Vulnerable Program, namely the Integral Framework, Integration, Responsive HIV and AIDS programming, gender and vulnerability, and trust building and contestation.